Freedom of Expression Is a Beautiful Ability’ Filtering Words Productively Produces Positive Results

*Freedom of expression a beautiful ability; especially if you filter your words to raise your vibration and mine.

In my assessment:Freedom of expression is both a beautiful thing and an amazing opportunity!

Especially, if articulated in a loving and giving expressive form.

Implementing your filtered words is always the first priority; cleansing and releasing the low energy vibe, before releasing is something that may or may not have generated your opinion should always help clear your thinking to communicate better. Doing this little deed,serves you, and me better as both a speaker and as a listener. Exercise your freedom of speech productively, wisely and responsibly.

Qualify your opinion and expression; does it raise your vibration and lower mine? Then, perhaps a new goal needs to be materialized.

Refocus, or re-purpose your written, spoken, or verbalized word-energy.

Make the words you release, into the universe, be refined words; words that have a powerful healing impact, or peace-giving ability. Words have the power to raise you and I to a higher vibrational energy/frequency,and to raise our positive intention and to uplift one another.

For those of you metaphysical buffs: We all know that happy and positive vibration is key for beginning any productive thought, action or intention,which can in turn, help your efforts towards your desire by manifesting a positive, happy or productive outcome.

Words and language are a very unique gift given to almost everyone.

The main purpose for communication many years ago was for survival; to expand ourselves, others, and an all-important responsibility to uplift your own environmental vibration. Words can uplift us when we release one-positive thought-at-a-time.

It is up to me and you to use our words MORE FOR illuminating the world with good intention and energy to be received and serve more for enlightening or expanding our lifelong purpose of communication with wisdom. Wisdom and sharing your words is meant to be enjoyed by both you and me..

Enjoy whatever language,skill, or communication ability that you have mastered the best; USE YOUR SKILLS WISELY, and build on what you already KNOW. LIVE and communicate better in life by living in YOUR OWN TRUTH and of course by always being cognizant of social norms, cultures, or acceptable ways of communication.

Let the untruth of the ALMIGHTY EGO, be put to task that can only better serve your innate need to praise YAHWEH. You will find that by doing this that you can easily eliminate the EGOCENTRIC, OR TOXIC MINDSET.,

Holding onto a big, toxic ego can only bring about more chaos or invite sadness to your existence.


THE EGO once served a purpose, though protecting, shielding and covering cannot receive the ILLUMINATION of discovery.

PERHAPS RECOVERY or uncovering your ability to comprehend your point, before you speak, can help you communicate with ease, and most importantly goodwill and peace…

The Effort Of Life And Existence

In a way, there is a certain way we all must swim in our pools of life and existence. We are seeing an object reality of that in the current events of the day in politics, and if change was not in the air there would not be currents of turmoil all around subliminally. With that said, I will write the rest of this article. Sure, reality to be controlled must be obeyed, indeed right down to a person driving a car or flying in a plane. If normal human nature could easily be circumvented, and greatness was easy, we would have solved all of our social and reality problems long ago and far away. Indeed, as we can tell by the current Supreme Court Justice hearings and so many other recent nominations for that, we have a very, very long way to go, even if we want to see the best and be the best “instantly”.

So, personally, I do not believe in instantaneous evolution like the stop action quick flower growth taken by cameras in nature movies. I believe in genuine natural law and jurisprudence in that to rule nature and help it work for us, we must obey the timetable and realities of nature. I was going to make the mistake and say something like, “make it work for us”, but that would not be accurate or “even in the ball park” of meaning I am trying to get at. What is in the “reality ball park” that is nearest is this, though: We must go through it to fully understand it. Sure, that sounds rough, that sounds terrible when the full implications of that reality are considered totally. What would you rather have though? Avoid it all, ignore it, and make it worse or face it now and make better forever and genuinely. If you read this far, you get my full meaning. After all the title is The Effort Of Life And Existence, right?

So, sometimes, I love to put things off as much as the next guy, only difference is that my genuine beliefs usually do not let me. For example, I had to do some carpet cleaning under and by my materials recycling bin the other day my Mother suggested I do when she was over at my apartment, and doing that was something I would love to put off. So, I took out the carpet cleaner and detergent sprayed on the carpet, did some scrubbing and vacuuming for an hour where the spots were. But, I understand the reality, I would not have a clean carpet if I put it off, and it would probably get worse. Sure, this is a basic example, but reality is reality for the most basic or complicated example is what it is and must be dealt with or worse later. I get it, and if you read intently and realistically, you get it.