Do It Now! (Fields Of Green Onions That Need Picking)

As we have weeds to pick out of a garden, so do we have realities to act on. With that said, I begin this article. At this writing I have dealt with a few minor “headache like” life situations that were so minor, yet they would make people in certain circumstances “give up the ghost” because they are so irritatingly minor. Let me put it like this, though: However many minor headaches come my way, I am not giving up on anything.

Recently, the deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade were announced as suicides, I am sad and mournful for them and their friends and families. Nevertheless, I felt I must write this realistic and honestly gut-wrenching article about “do it now” or do not do it at all because reality is gut-wrenching life whatever level you or anyone may be on. Whether the path is “easy” or “hard” or whatever, life is a do it now and do it to yourself or do not do it at all proposition. Indeed, we all have a choice to make.

I remember this Jimi Hendrix song called “Castles Made Of Sand”, and it taught me a great lesson about life and existence. Reality is ultimately what we earned for better or worse and if we learn the lesson, it is better. If we do not learn the lesson, it is worse. Right down to the little Indian brave who lost his life in the surprise attack and the little girl in the wheelchair in the song who wanted to commit suicide and something caught her eye and she got stopped in her tracks. We pay and benefit through our understanding, whether innocent or guilty right down to O.J. seeming to “get away with it” or all those many genuinely innocent black men in the Los Angeles County Jail system that are innocent, but “not getting away with it” and being unjustly beaten and arrested for that O.J. who “seemed to get away with it”. You know, “normal” justice is the castle made of sand that gets washed to the sea by the genuine facts when they come around ultimately in objective reality under genuine God.

But, back to the subject: We all have weeds in our garden and cobwebs in our head, thinking and spirit that need disposing of. We all have to face reality and work on it, not escape it.

Look, sometimes, I would like to escape responsibility like anyone who seems to, but for the most part, like the stereotype of virtue that is genuine, I do face reality. Sometimes I flinch, it gets so bad. But, I learn not to flinch. That is what this gut-wrenching article is really about as a whole. We all must grow and not avoid. After all, the ultimate weakness is to genuinely cheat yourself and others, and “get away with it”. Thinking you got off easy also, is the ultimate immaturity, too. So, I end with a question that will haunt you: When it is time, are you ready to pay?