Gratitude, Dude

Make a winner. Be grateful for your life. There may not be too many things I am clear on, but I am clear on that: Gratitude and understanding combined are power. Without those two things in life and existence, we are just operating on empty, however much we seem to have or “be rich with”.

My thoughts on this subject are simple, yet they do need elaboration. The article could end quickly there with the short paragraph above, but it will not. The power of being grateful for the “acres of diamonds beneath your feet” is the most powerful idea in the world especially when you know what they genuinely look like. So many people live and die without seeing the value of what they can develop from “nothing”, and so few people develop the intrinsic value of what they have. Let me put it this way: The grass only looks greener on the other side, because the other side receives better care, it is not that there are “better materials over there”. When I think about that statement about “the grass” deeply, I think deeply about my own life. My disappointments are nothing compared to my ultimate goals. I can take the disappointments and troubles, those are minor compared to my major goals. I can take the temporary failures and follies as long as the light of the most genuine of success is at the end of the tunnel of the failures and follies.

Like anyone, my mistakes outweigh my virtues. But the difference is, I learn from my mistakes and ultimately make them into virtues instead of letting the mistakes fully get me down. Face it, “trial, error, and success afterward out of that stuff” is realistic and objective law, not just conjecture. When you know how not to make mistakes, you are better off for it, especially with experience and understanding.

This is where reality fully and really comes in: Our lives are our laboratories, and most experiments are failures. Success comes after all those failures are understood and changed into successful outcomes. Get it? We are inventors, scientists in our own lives in every genuine way and all of that trying to get it right, and then succeeding after much failure after a lot of trial and error.

Sure, coming up with the idea is where the fun begins, but the real work is when you fail toward ultimate success through the experiments or temporary failures. I can only end with: Be grateful you came up with idea, and follow through for success.