Mental Dancing

The Universe: It is a dance of energy, made of thought, atomic structures and star dust. I am paraphrasing Albert Einstein there. Not only that though, reality is what we make it, it does not make us. I personally believe that reality is as benevolent or malevolent as we all affirm it to be. Indeed, we ultimately are in the driver seat although results and realities at times take a lot of time, energy and “mystery” to show up. What I mean by “mystery” is as follows: We all have the same materials to work with in reality which are thought, action, generation, matter, energy, space, and time. Although some may agree or disagree with me, everything in existence is made from these basic and realistic building blocks.

Reality in itself can be controlled then, for the force we generate within ourselves ultimately is more powerful than the forces I mentioned and that force is ultimately consciousness. Without consciousness, everything is asleep to higher possibilities. Without consciousness, choices cannot be made, nature defaults fully.

I mention this version of the seat of the driver to tell you that consciousness is the force of nature that controls reality, and however chaotic or disjointed it may look. Like a flight plan you may go off course sometimes, but you will always make your destination if you go toward it, making corrections and keeping track all the while. In the case of that mentioned reality, results are important, not the way you get there, unless you do something illegal, destructive or worst.

Life is a value judgement. and we must live up to the title first in our spirits, then in our minds, and then in physical reality.

Stick the money where the mouth is at all levels because to get anything done, you genuinely have to act on those levels. Generating results is the goal, failure is just a temporary stepping stone. Existence is as good or bad as we let it be good or bad. I remember this George Orwell book called “Animal Farm” and I just have to say this: When we allow permanent failure to overtake us and give up, we also give up our chance to genuinely succeed. When we are persistent and practice persistence, and never quit. We end up great or excellent.