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Behave Yourself (The Reality Of Green Onions And Other Reflections)

Life is as good as we make it. Character is not just doing what is right when nobody is looking, it is being genuine also all the time. Sure, I could complicate those two sentences, and probably, I will spend the rest of this article doing just that. Those two sentences I started with have the benefit of being honest realities that read between the lines of everybody though. In that sense, I agree with the blind poet John Milton that we make our life heaven or hell through our character or our actions for good or bad. I mean that heaven or hell is not a place we go when we die, but it is within our consciousness, like the smell of green onions is indelible to green onions. Real character is like that for good or bad.

Reality is at its best when character is consciously good or great. I mean, nobody really wants the worst to happen, even though sometimes the best intentions go bad and mistakes do happen. The best we can expect is a successful “do over”. After all, as long as there is consciousness and a chance, failure is never permanent, it is just an opportunity to learn better, do better and grow up.

Even the “worst of us” can redeem ourselves from bad behavior ultimately through the principle I have just mentioned. With those lessons learned, we who are “the worst of us” can do better than “the best of them who have never made a mistake or taken the wrong road”.

Sure, cause and effect understood is wisdom however you look at it. Especially from the point of view of wanting to genuinely do right after you get it wrong. After all “every direction has its fork in the road of reality”, some go down the right path, some go down the wrong path, but to be sure, there is not any middle of the road. To put it another way, there is not any real maybe, just right and wrong objectively. The only “maybe points” there are before you travel down the road and subjectively contemplate your choices.

Indeed, we all must make a choice, go down a road, go where we need to go or whatever you want to call it. After all, character really is getting it right ultimately through genuine understanding, anything else is the luck of the fortunate beginner. Read between those lines.

To end, I once read about a knight in the Round Table of King Arthur named Percival or Parsifal and his quest for The Holy Grail of Jesus Christ, he used the principle I mentioned to find the Holy Grail, but it took him ten years to get it right. That is basically the kind of understanding I mean, but I will not think for you, read between my lines and get the understanding for nothing worthwhile comes too easy, really.