The Reality Of My Life, Simply Told, Without Atmospherics

I am simply blessed to be alive, well and writing is the way I genuinely look at it. Oh, the article could end there without much addition, explaining or what I like to call “overt atmospherics”, but, I will tell it like it is in realistic language, but still it will be a brief article compared to what I wrote in “The Funk Brother Testament” and the “Grits and Sweat Articles”.

First, I would like to say that “going to the beat of a different drummer” or going my own way has been a genuinely persistent and recurring theme throughout my life, right down to my anchored Objectivist ideas about reality, the universe, and intelligent creation. I definitely believe that there is a God, only I believe this, he evolved like we did and advanced to become God. God did not just come out of “nowhere” and I do not believe in a “big bang theory of existence out of nothingness” either. Also, I lean more toward Nathaniel Branden type Objectivism more than Leonard Peikoff type Objectivism in that I do believe that self-esteem and honesty are the immune system and inoculation powers given by God to deal genuinely with reality, but I cannot just say something stupid sounding like “Existence exists and that is it, without prior causes or intelligence behind it”, I just cannot put my mind behind or around that even unrealistic sounding statement. But, I can say, “Existence exists and we ultimately advance enough to control it for ourselves”, indeed, I do believe and understand that we can ultimately advance to become God. I genuinely also believe that anything is possible in genuine reality by rational principles like flight and electricity are possible.

So, I am not only an Objectivist, I am a Christian. I believe in the Lutheran and Gnostic faiths. Martin Luther and Early Christianity soon before Christ with John The Baptist, Mystery School Reality Religions, and during Christ and soon after Christ agree more with the realities I live by anyway, so I am there. I promised you very little large words and atmospherics and I am telling it like it is honestly without fillers, games or double meanings but one, I also am into George Ivanotich Gurdjieff’s and Peter Demianovitch Ouspensky’s Fourth Way esoteric Christianity. At all levels I keep it real, and always do my best to be honest and one with genuine nature and reality instead of fearing it and playing with guilt trips. In fact, I end with my definition of Fully-Integrated Honesty which is that we can all ultimately advance and that there are not any pedagogical infinities. The speed we advance at is up to us, but it is always possible to advance, and there is always a chance to advance. The paths are each of different characters, but the ends are always uniformly the same. We can only advance according to our understanding and meaning. That is all I can say in this treatise. I do not ask anyone to agree with me, but I do ask you to think for yourself and think freely and honestly about reality.