Your Move, Your Choice (It Always Is)

Keeping it simple: It always is your move and your choice to take proper action in life and existence. Sure, I could be less blunt and more “esoteric” about it, indeed, considering the reality that life hands us under existence, I cannot put it any other way. I remember the words of my Dad about wishes, and to paraphrase him politely: Wish in one hand, have “stuff” in the other. You either go for your goals or you do not.

Getting what you want then, means just that, getting what you want. Ultimately the fulfilled wish goes to the most persistent, realistic and smart working individual really. Sure, preparation meeting opportunity or luck has something to do with things sometimes, but most of the time it is persistence, abject realism and smart work that gets things done, especially creative persistence or trying different things instead of the definition of insanity or trying the same thing in the same way expecting it to work differently. The right key in the wrong hole will not work, and the wrong key in the “right” hole will not work, but he right key in the right hole always works. Get the picture I am painting here?

Problems can be blessings in disguise, only if approached correctly. For every problem there is a solution and if you come up with a beneficial solution to a big problem, then you can benefit and profit from that solution and if you solve a giant, world shaking problem, then you can be called an inventor or an innovative mind. Forward thinking on failure, instead of thinking that “failure is permanent” is the best way to perceive and deal with failure, indeed, to be successful is to ultimately solve failure why, where and how it happens in the most permanent, honest and real sense. After all, without problems and temporary failure, there cannot be any solutions.

Realistically, in this game of existence, we have a choice, to get creative or die without creativity. If we want life to work, we cannot quit badly, we must get good, persist well, and persist creatively. In thought, the person who says there is not a solution is wrong, the person who knows that within every problem is a solution if the problem exists is right as everything is ultimately knowable that does exist in existence. Need I say, there is nothing new under the sun?